Anthony Crawford (Washington, DC)


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This card is handmade by Anthony Crawford of Washington, DC. Father’s Day is a day that presents mixed emotions for Anthony. “I didn’t really have a relationship with my father. He wasn’t around.” Now a father himself, his relationship with his daughter is also complicated. “She’s grown up now. I do what I can do, but it’s difficult because I’m trying hard to get my own life together.”

After being homeless for nearly 20 years, Anthony got the keys to his own apartment on July 15, 2013. Today he earns enough money to pay his rent through entrepreneurial endeavors like Second Story Cards. You can often find him in the morning selling a street paper at the corner of 18th & M, just south of Dupont Circle. Although he experienced some setbacks in 2016 after suffering a stroke, Anthony says that he is thankful to have a safe place to sleep and the opportunity to work.

Anthony receives 15% of the sales from this card. Second Story Cards donates an additional 10% to a charity of the card-creator's choice. Anthony has chosen Pathways to Housing for this card. 

Size: A2 (5.5" x 4.25")
Paper: Premium eggshell stock made with recycled product
Technique: embossing
Color: various, most of our inventory of this card is gold foil on white stock. If we are out of that color combination we'll send one of Anthony's other color combinations. If you have a preference of color, please let us know and we'll do our best to get that to you!


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