Ellie Kane (Nashville, TN)


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This card was inspired by Ellie Kane of Nashville, TN. As someone who has experienced homelessness and the marginalization that can occur, Ellie knows the importance of telling people how much they mean to you. "People need to be complimented, remembered, noticed – a tag on an Instagram post of something you know they like, a congratulations for reaching a milestone, or even just an 'I hear you' can go a long LONG way,” she reminds us. “And sending a snail mail card, now that really shouts 'you're special' loud and clear!” We couldn’t agree more.

Ellie currently has housing and lives with her husband David who is also a cardmaker with Second Story Cards. Ellie receives 15% of the sales of this card and an additional 10% is donated to Daybreak Arts.

We used our Heidelberg letterpress to add a luxurious feel to this beautiful card.
Size: A2 (5.5" x 4.25")
Paper: Crane's 100% Cotton Lettra

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