Angie Whitehurst (Washington, DC)


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Angie Whitehurst of Washington, DC inspired this card. “If you want to see something beautiful, go to the finish line of a marathon where all the runners are connecting with their loved ones and just take that moment in. There’s a shared happiness that wouldn’t be possible without those special people in their lives who have been supporting their training efforts, putting up with them not being able to meet up for dinner or drinks because they need to stick to their schedule. Or the 5am alarm that wakes their partner as they slip out of bed to go get in 7 or 8 miles before work. It’s a commitment.”

After dealing with periods of housing instability that date back to the 1980s, Angie has a marathon runner’s mentality about her housing. “I’m not sliding back anymore, I’ve got my second wind.”

Angie receives 15% of the sales from this card. Additionally, Second Story Cards donates 10% to a charity of the card-creator's choice. Angie has chosen Back on My Feet for this card. 

Size: A2 (5.5" x 4.25")
Paper: Deluxe eggshell cardstock.


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