Ellie Kane (Nashville, TN)


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Cardmaker Ellie Kane has always loved animals, but has a special connection with birds. “I was lucky enough to have shared twenty-five years with a beautiful green-cheeked conure named Tiffany.” Knowing Ellie, that bird hit the lottery! Ellie advised on the illustration of cardinals on the front of this card, having studied the many birds that visit her birdfeeder in Nashville. Did you know cardinals are monogamous birds that stay together for at least a year and sometimes even for life? 

Although Ellie experienced some periods of homelessness in the past, we’re happy to share that she has had reliable housing in Nashville, TN for many years now. She receives 15% of the sales from this card and an additional 10% is donated to Daybreak Arts.

Size: A2 (5.5" x 4.25")
Paper: Deluxe eggshell cardstock.

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