Marcellus Phillips (Washington, DC)


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This card was inspired by Marcellus Phillips of Washington, DC. “The best Christmas was when I was nine and I got this bike. I had stayed up all night and listened to them bringing it in and putting it together, so I knew I was getting that bike! I waited until like 6AM and then raced downstairs to see it. It was a black BMX dirt bike. It was awesome!” Marcellus first became homeless in September of 2015. He hopes to find his own place to live by January of 2018.

Marcellus receives 15% of the sales from this card. Second Story Cards donates 10% of the profits of each card to a charity of the card-creator's choice. Marcellus has chosen the Epilepsy Foundation of Washington, DC for this card. 

Size: A2 (5.5" x 4.25")
Paper: Deluxe eggshell cardstock.


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